Sa 29.9.2018

Workshops Saturday 29.9.2018:

H-1-01 16:45 - 18:00 29.09.2018
Workshop WS11
The future of retinal imaging - a peek behind the curtains
This workshop will provide an insight into current developments in retinal imaging analysis. The range of presented topics covers handheld, patient-operated OCT, predictive OCT algorithms for anti-VEGF treatment planning and automated fundus image analysis for objective grading of retinal disease. All presentations will be viewed in light of what is currently possible and what is waiting around the corner. A reading center perspective will add a special focus on how these new methods will influence the way we analyse our routine clinical data and conduct clinical trials.
Andreas Stahl (Freiburg)
Sandra Liakopoulos (Köln)
Pearse Keane (London)
Andreas Stahl (Freiburg)
Murat Ayhan (Tübingen)
Ann Hellström (Gothenburg)
Sandra Liakopoulos (Köln)
Reading Centers for retinal diseases receive a high number of images for interpretation in clinical trials. These big data sets on patients with similar conditions can evidence patterns, provide relevant predictors of outcomes, and guide treatment to improve patient care in daily routine. Once validated by specialized Reading Centers, artificial intelligence software used to evaluate big data sets may speed up increasing our knowledge and improve outcome results from clinical trials.