Fr 28.9.2018

Workshops Friday 28.9.2018:

H-1-01 08:30 - 09:45 28.09.2018
Workshop WS04
How the immune system influences retinal angiogenesis
Neovascular processes are main drivers of retinal degenerative and metabolic diseases including age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and rare inherited retinal dystrophies. The interference of retinal immune cells and local as well as systemic cytokines with retinal homeostasis is implicated in the initiation of neovascular, proliferative and degenerative processes. The speakers of this workshop will provide their expertise in research related to the intimate role of immune cells in angiogenesis.
Thomas Langmann (Köln)
Nicole Eter, Klinikdirektorin (Münster)
Hans-Peter Hammes (Mannheim)
Chronic hyperglycemia affects the entire neurovascular unit in the retina. Parallel to the ongoing and pendant discussion whether diabetic retinopathy starts with vascular or neuronal damage, the role of inflammation in the incipience and progression of diabetic retinopathy is not clear. Recent evidence suggests that not only hyperglycemia, but also reactive metabolites forming through impaired metabolic handling of glycolytic intermediates mimicks diabetic retinopathy. These intermediates can form advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and can propagate tissue response through activation of the receptor for AGEs, RAGE. Examples are provided to demonstrate the importance of understanding the metabolic cascade induced by chronic hyperglycemia on the cell specific response to injury.
Mathias Seeliger (Tübingen)
Thomas Langmann (Köln)
Peter Heiduschka (Münster)