Fr 28.9.2018

Workshops Friday 28.9.2018:

H-1-01 15:00 - 16:15 28.09.2018
Workshop WS06
International Ophthalmology - Wanted: The next generation. – Workshop der Sektion DOG-Internationale Ophthalmologie
"Links with third world partners in ophthalmology are not like dating - it´s like marriage", said Alan Foster, one of our pioneers in that field. Considerable progress has been achieved since thirty years ago the first stable partnership Munich - Nairobi started. Other relationships came into action. To maintain the momentum permanent flow of information on what can be achieved for both partners it is necessary to continue and to improve international relationships. Stakeholders will report and stimulate.
Volker Klauß (München)
Rudolf Guthoff (Rostock-Warnemünde)
Babar Qureshi (London)
Volker Klauß (München)
Anna Maria Schuh (München)
Marcia Zondervan (London)
Robert Patrick Finger (Bonn)
Dietmar Haberzettl (Bensheim)
Selamawit Woldai (Bensheim)
Martin Spitzer (Hamburg)