DOG 2018 – Ophthalmology 4.0

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear colleagues,
It is my pleasure to invite you to the next DOG annual meeting, our 116th conference and the first in DOG history to be held in Bonn! The meeting will take place in the World Conference Center Bonn from September 27th through 30th, 2018.

digital sunday

Digitization is coming and with it new opportunities and challenges. On Sunday, the DOG will offer a completely new format digital sunday focusing on this extremely important topic.

Preliminary Program

In the preliminary program you can find all information on the scientific program, registration and course fees, awards, social program, childcare and travel options.

Retina Hot Topics

From gene therapies to AMD classification updates – retinal research is a fast-advancing field. This symposium will focus on the latest developments and approaches in retinal surgery and the treatment of retinal diseases. The sessions will be held in English. International speakers will present new diagnostic methods, therapies, and classifications. Saturday, 29.9.2018, 16:45–18:00   zurück

Clinical Applications of the IRIS Registry – Keynote Lecture Friday

One of DOG’s top priorities is the establishment of a centralized, nationwide German register capturing all data on ophthalmological surgeries performed by hospitals and independent clinics/ophthalmologists. The American Academy of Ophthalmology already has such a registry. In his keynote lecture, Prof. Dr. George Williams will present the IRIS registry (Intelligent Research in Sight).

Minimally invasive eye surgery – Keynote Lecture

Miniaturization of surgery achieved great results in the “small field” of ophthalmology. Many routine eye surgery procedures can be performed using tiny cuts of just a few millimeters. In 2018, the DOG annual meeting dedicates a whole keynote lecture, which is given by Prof. Dr. Daniel Mojon, to this crucial advancement.

DOG-Section International Ophthalmology – symposia and workshops

Preventing and curing blindness worldwide is the main goal of the DOG-section International Ophthalmology. Experts from all over the world are invited to discuss future perspectives for extensive and high-quality eye care for low-income countries.

Highly endowed award honors best German ICO graduates – reception for all ICO Fellows

Once again, the prestigious “Dr. Rolf M. Schwiete ICO Examination Award” will go to the best German candidates in the four exams. The awards, which are endowed with a cash prize of 5,000 Euros each, will be presented at the DOG. The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, September 29, 2018 from 3.00 to […]

Pros and cons of femtoassisted cataract surgery – FEOph Symposium

During the FEOph Symposium, junior speakers from France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain are holding lectures with focus on the „Pros and cons of femtoassisted cataract surgery “.

Outstanding Experts, Current Topics – Keynote Lectures

As in past years, our Keynote Lectures will elucidate specific focal points in the program. In each of these half-hour lectures, an outstanding expert will comprehensively present an important topic.

Aurel-von-Szily Lecture – Multimodal Diagnostic of Uveitis

Uveitis, the inflammation of the uvea, represents a group of different diseases that can affect a patient’s eyesight seriously. Modern multimodal diagnostic provides new insights in the pathogenesis of uveitis and contributes to a better understanding of the progression of the disease and better assessment of therapies. Carlos Pavesio (London) will present an in-depth view […]

Attractive Travel Awards, Prizes, Funding

The DOG awards several prizes and funding for outstanding research achievements, which are to be presented at the congress in a special ceremony. Furthermore, this year the DOG will also present 25 Travel Awards to young scientists from Central and Eastern Europe.

Posters in Unrivaled Sessions

The poster sessions will take place from Thursday to Saturday immediately after the lunch break and without competition from other ­scientific sessions. In order to devote appropriate attention to the posters, all posters will be presented and discussed in small groups, each of which will be facilitated by two ­moderators. Headsets will be issued.

Social Evening – DOG-Gesellschaftsabend

The GOP Varieté Theater Bonn is located in the heart of the historic Federal Quarter, directly alongside the WorldCCBonn and the Marriott Hotel. Warm colors, elegant elements in the décor and noble hardwoods unite to create a stylish setting.


Late in the evening, in the heart of the historic Federal Quarter, the GOP Varieté Theater transforms into the location for the DOG Club. Cool drinks and terrific music await you. A surprise snack and a drinking package are included in the entry fee.

Workshops in English

In this workshops, experts will give an overview concerning physical principles, clinical application and technical equipment.

DOG-Update – State of the Art 2018

With DOG-Update – State of the Art the DOG offers a training program for ophthalmologists in clinics and private practice. The program provides attendees a compact and effective means of up-dating on the latest scientific and research developments.

Charity Run: EyeRun – Register now

On Friday morning, the congress participants can once again take part in the five kilometer run for the benefit of the DOG Foundation “Stiftung Auge”. Register now online and secure yourself a participant T-shirt.

DOG-Farewell – Handover of the Presidency

Mit dem Farewell endet der Kongress. In diesem Rahmen wird der Präsident als letzte Amtshandlung die Amtskette der DOG an seinen Nachfolger übergeben.