DOG international: Sessions in English

Sharing knowledge and experiences with leading international experts is one of the DOG’s priorities. Our English-language sessions offer the opportunity to share clinical best practices and research perspectives with colleagues from other countries.

The complete English language program as PDF download.

Nairobi 3&4 08:30 - 09:45 29.09.2018
Symposien Sa05
Impact of modern uveitis diagnostic for therapy
Uveitis is a mixture of different diseases with potentially severe impact on visual function. Multimodal diagnostic offers new insights in pathogenesis and is very helpful to monitor disease activity besides grading activity by clinical examination. Main talk of the symposium will address this topic during the Aurel von Szily Lecture and show the influence on treatment decisions. Additional talks will focus on the OCT-and widefield angiography and on diagnostic tools for the clinical management in masquerade syndromes.
Carsten Heinz (Münster)
Christoph Deuter (Tübingen)
Carlos Pavesio (London)
Carsten Heinz (Münster)
OCT Angiography is an emerging technique used for different retinal and choroidal disorders. The usage in inflammatory eye diseases, the appearance of distinct entities and the potential additional information for monitoring these diseases will be discussed.
Christoph Deuter (Tübingen)
Uwe Pleyer (Berlin)